Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Aprs software setup part 2

Hello everyone and welcome to the Aprs software setup part 2 . In this report I'll show you the last steps you need to get your Aprs on the air.

1.Bring up you aprs software?

2.from this screen go to configure  and then port
3 Click on add new port
you should a picture like this
 from this you need to name the port  for. This demo Call mine sound modem

the click on ok

when you do this an option come this says port type. as shown here

Select tc/ip from here
from which you'll this option come up
from here you'll enter the following ip address
ip/dns is
port is 8100

When you are done click  

4. click on enable And select sound modem

after you set all this up go to configure
you should see a screen like this 
Enter your callsign and passcode then your all set . If you have any questions please feel free to Email me

Monday, October 23, 2017

Aprs setup guide part 1

Aprs setup guide 

For many ham radio operator finding the right digital mode isn't easy let alone the setup process.
so today I'm going to show you how to setup a APRS station easy and free. 
the first you'll need is aprs software . For this report will be using aprsis32 . After you download that program save to a folder. The next thing you need is a program that your aprs packet can seen while running the aprs Clint. For this post we'll you a program called soundmodem  
download the hs_soundmodem19.zip file and save it also . Oh before a forget you'll TNC to use this software or you can buy a signalink usb   .Now you've got the signalink and you downloaded the both programs so it's time got on the air.

1. Make sure your on National APRS channel 144.390 
2. go to your speaker option on the computer as shown here

After you speaker options on the computer select the signalink usb audio codec as your playback device . note make sure to disable your mine Pc speakers while you use the signlink .set the playback level to 100% The set the recording level to 75% Note make sure window sounds are set to No sound as we.

Note: you can always turn your windows sounds and speaker after you have run the program

OK now that you get the signalink all  set up time to get the Programs going. Will start with the soundmodem .

1 . unzip the hs_soundmodem19 file
2 Open the Program

3.from the setting menu to go devices

Make sure see the following setting in this area
1. Make sure both your output is set for the signalink usb audio codec . The input should me set to microphone. you'll need to check the following box here

Tx rotation
single channel output
color waterfall
Stop waterfall when minimize

4 go to Modem settings

in this area make sure the following  are checked as shown in the photo . keep it here for part two of this report. I'll go over the aprs software program setup with you.


Saturday, August 12, 2017

Huntsville hamfest 2017

Huntsville Hamfest 2017 . The worlds friendliest  hamfest is Next Saturday and Sunday . For More Information check out the hamfest website .

Wordpress upgrad

Dear hamradiotv.tk viewer . I'm please to report that the website has been auto updated to wordpress

Thursday, March 23, 2017

ooowebhosting review

On Sunday March 19 Hamradiotv made the move from x10hosting over to ooowebhost.com . 
 This move has been for the better  of the hamradiotv website users as server on x10 where slow and down more often. to see my feel review watch the following video 

I hope this review help you in  your search for free hosting 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

State Appointment as Special Needs Liaison


First of all, let me say on behalf of the senior leadership of the Alabama ARRL Cabinet, a big thank you for accepting to take on the challenging position of being a "Special Needs Liaison" for Alabama. We appreciate your excitement and willingness to offer your ideas and opinions to those that want to get involved in amateur radio with special needs.

I have copied the PIC, SEC, and all of the ASM's on this email so they too see the details of your new appointment for Alabama.

Your official title will be:

Please note that I am adding the title PIO (Public Information Officer) as this is really more in line with what you will be able to help us do with sharing information to our leadership team about events and or concerns with amateur radio and special needs and also allow you a means for sharing with clubs and those that contact you information on how others are experiencing amateur radio with special needs.

Your PIC (Public Information Coordinator) for the Alabama is Mr. Ed Tyler, N4EDT and he is responsible for all public information sharing for Alabama as it relates to Amateur Radio. Ed has been involved in ARRL and Amateur radio for a long time and has served in a senior leadership PIC role for a long time. Ed will be a great resource to help you and guide you in terms of how we share information, how we vet and edit information before releasing, and how we obtain leadership approvals before we release PIO information on social media, email, etc.

If you get to attend the BARC hamfest, please look for Ed as he always attends and is very well known in the Public Information world. He will also have some time during our ARRL Section Manager Forum. Ed, Greg Sarratt, and I will share this hour during the Section Manager forum.

So, I did communicate with Rick (Signman) and gave him the above information for your new sign. The sign will be Blue.

Thank you again for your service to others as that is the only reason any of us have accepted these positions to help others with Amateur Radio.

JVann Martin, W4JVM
Section Manager

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Special Needs Liaison Statement

Special Needs Liaison Statement

Alabama Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Date: January 26, 2017

Memo To: Jvann Martin W4jvm

Dear JVann , First let me tell you how Honored I was to be offered this New Volunteer role as special needs Liaison for the state of Alabama. And how glad I am to take this new volunteer role. I hope to bring you more with my skills and background that you’ve ever seen before 


Michael G. Werner

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

State Appointment Adjustment for Special Needs Liaison

Our existing special needs liaison for District 6 is Michael Werner, KF4BOG. In speaking with Michael and the EC for Madison Co, Tim L.
Holland, KK5H Michael has agreed to serve as the Special Needs Liaison for the State. This means that Michael is willing to share his story, techniques, and how he handles challenges while being an amateur operator in Alabama. Michael volunteers his services in his local district to help make others aware that even though you may have special needs, you can still strive to be an active amateur radio operator.

We wish to congratulate Michael on offering his insight in amateur radio for those with special needs. He will continue to serve in his local area and can be available by email or phone should you have someone that would like to reach out to Michael to share his story.

Please keep in mind this is not an ADA position, but is a volunteer position to help others see the benefits of utilizing ham radio with challenges or special needs.