Friday, May 10, 2013

New Hearing Loops Installed at Huntsville Main Library in Huntsville Al,

The Huntsville Madison county Public Library installed a Special system for the death and heard of hearing. This system is run on a Small device that you clip on to your pocket. This device is a welcomed and much needed thing for the hmcpl . Also i must state that Huntsville Main Library is the only library to have hearing loops of this type here in the state of Alabama. I love to look at new Hi-tech stuff. But When I saw this special device all i could say was WOW. Now the death can hear and they can hear with a nice clear sound While still using their Normal hearing aide. Many persons that are death feel left out of events because they can't hear. But with these new Hi-tech hearing loops that will no longer be a problem for them anymore. I was so happy to be picked as a model of  photo's with the device as well . In the Pictures you'll see me and The Library for the blind Staff Member as well. Thank you for letting me be a part of this .

Monday, April 22, 2013

Huntsville Library Opens new Meeting room And family computer area

New Meeting Room

Family computer room picture 1
Family Computer room 2

Have you heard what all the Talk is about at The Huntsville Main Library? Yes it's All about Two new rooms the Library now has. The first room is a new larger meeting room And the Secant room is the Family computer room. According to a statement from Huntsville Public Library staff the family computer room was an idea from another staff member. That thought why not have Children and the Family in one Room? While Parents working on the computers? The Child can play with toys and books to read. Both rooms would not have been possible if Not for the Special donation from TheJane K. Lowe foundation. The Library had an open House Last Wednesday along with a ribbon cutting as well. Also they would like to add that Foundation Conference Room was funded by the Huntsville Library Foundation