Saturday, July 9, 2011

Are You Ready? By Ag4w

A lot of us learned some important lessons when we had the tornado's and severe weather recently.  I had always pushed back on buying a generator. I figured when I finally needed one it wouldn’t work or I wouldn’t have fresh gasoline. After several days without power I changed my mind and now own a 5500 watt gas generator. I ran extension cords all over the house. It served the purpose except for the refrigerator which had no access to the plug.  The food was long gone by then anyway. My son Mike KF4BOG was really happy to be the first to get power for his 2 meter base station.
I decided since I now had the generator I would take the next step and install a transfer switch. The one I selected was a manual Reliance unit that would accommodate 6 circuits. I have two 200 Amp panels from which I wanted to use 3 circuits from each panel. That made things a little more complicated but was solved with a junction box. You can buy the transfer switches with an outdoor outlet. I thought that I would not need it enough to warrant the extra cost and effort. You can also purchase transfer switches that have automatic switchover and will start your generator.  I am going to try to run our generator once every other month. As mentioned at a recent club meeting fuel stabilizer use is a must. I installed the transfer switch myself. Please be careful if you do this yourself and double check that the power is off when you hook the thing up. Just like working on a linear amplifier you have to do it right every time. The transfer switch works great and the generator can now be in place and in operation in less than 5 minutes.
One of my main concerns is that I probably am not prepared for the next event. As with the military that prepares to fight the next battle just like the last one and gets surprised when it is different, I believe many plan for disasters based on our last experience. The one thing that didn’t go wrong the last time was that water was always available. If water was disrupted the last time I expect things would have been much worse. I have a pool so that becomes a readily available source of water. Others should think through the water issue because you can live without power much more easily than without water. The next disaster could eliminate water and power and add extreme cold or heat with no gasoline availability. Now leaving town is not an option for those without gas on hand. One of the circuits I hooked up to the transfer switch was the fan for the propane fireplace. Frozen pipes is another problem I experienced up north. Others have encouraged me to convert the generator to propane. I have a large buried tank in the yard. One other area people fall short on is food. How long can your family last and not go to the store? Another thing many people didn’t have was cash. Many of the places could not take a credit or debit card so you needed to have cash to buy food or gas.
What the last storm did prove was with all the new infrastructure of cell phones, smart phones, tablets, cable TV, and land lines it all fails after a very short period of power interruption. I was surprised to see the landlines fail. Ham radio sure does a great job when serious disaster strikes. I believe portable repeaters for UHF/VHF and HF capability on emergency power could be needed some day if we have a very large scale emergency. My hope is the better prepared we get the less chance we will ever get to use it.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weather station software

Many people ask me what weather program do i run during a severe weather Event . Well the first one is interwarn  and the other is stormlab . Here are some Pictures

StormLab Weather Radar Program 

These are most haves if you are a storm tracker . There is one other weather radar program that I'll post about later . 

Monday, July 4, 2011

District 6 Ec leaves post

I Have just Learned today that wdoug Doug Has resigned from his post as District EC. Thom Rigsby, K5JTR will Take Over till a new placement is found for District 6.  I hope that Doug will stay in touch with us from his other groups . Thank for your many years of support and I've learned alot from you.


Michael Werner

Special Needs Liaison Statement

Special Needs Liaison Statement
Kf4bog’s Emcomm Website
Date : Febuary 5, 2008

Hello ARES Members ,Here Is what i’ve been up to for January.

Kf4bog’s On the Move in 2008 -2009 Project

Yep I’m on the move Because Where Looking into building a new Home Location In Huntsville/Madison county area . But the land My Mom and dad got is out near highway 72 east on Doug hill rode then tearn on Hambrick drive and there you are . It’s a far cry from where i’m at now but i’ll tell you this Can you say “ Bigger 2metter tower “ Oh ya “ You have to love that . My dad and I would like to no if any member of ares can help with the take down from our current qth and set-up at the new one? It would save my dad alot of time and stress . Again The home has not been done yet i’m just specking from my mind right now . If you are able to help please email me your Name , callsign and homophone .

Kf4bog’s Emcomm Website Support’s Other ham sites

If you haven’t been on the Echolink like me you don’t Notice the Node called do drop in . It is run by a group of hams that just love to talk about anything and everything . to find out more go to If you click on the crew you’ll see a picture of me click where it says last at the bottom of the list of photo’s .

Getting radio active 2008 program is in work

The Getting Radio active program is in work for the Hamfest this year in Huntsville . I’m also hopeing to go to the one in Dayton if we are able to .

Well that is all I have to report for now . till then

73’s de kf4bog

Michael Werner

Special Needs Liaison Statement

Special Needs Liaison Statement
Kf4bog’s Emcomm Website
Date : December 2, 2007

Greeting’s to all ARES Members , As you no the holidays are here and for me it’s time to address you all on the Good things that have happened this year . For me it was the Huntsville Hamfest 2007 and the Big Crowds that showed up during the ARES Meeting’s each Month . I Also would like to thank everyone who check’s in to the Local Training Net every Thursday Night . Because without the Ham Radio Operator’s Who know’s what would happen if we had another bad storm like the one that  hit in 1989 . And I Didn’t have My ham Licence at that time . We still have along way to go this next year in 2008 . I’m Hopeing that you as radio amateur’s will stay radio active .Here are some thing’s that i’ve done for ARES that you Might like to no about

1. The kf4bog’s Emcomm Website was put online this year along with the Getting radio Active website

2. New Online Mailing List system was started for news and updates about district 6

3.  New free weather software was installed this year for faster storm tracking

4.  Redstone Village of Huntsville agreed to start a volunteer program for Person’s with Special Needs in Huntsville Al.
Some Limitations apply.

I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season . And as always stay weather alert

73’s de kf4bog
Michael Werner

Special Needs Liaison Statement

Special Needs Liaison Statement

Alabama Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Date: March 23 ,2010

Memo to: Huntsville /Madison co. Public Library Board and Director .

Dear Laurel best And the Board of the HMCPL,

First off I would like to thank you for the support that you have given to the special Needs of Huntsville and Madison .I am very happy with the work that has been done since my placement back in 2007 .But there is still More that needs to be done with safety in our Local Library county wide . Why may you ask . There as been alot as far as crime happening when Myself or other special needs persons are in the Library . I am writing this letter to request the following.

1. New library cards with users picture on them as a form of Id

This will show the Library staff members a face with the person on the card.

2 . New check -out system

the old system go's off if you so much as have a wheelchair go though there.

3. updated Phone system with TTY

For special needs persons that are hearing inparded . But I'm not sure if the current phone system falls under the guide lines.

4. Add Huntsville Police officers to watch over the library.

I thank you again for reading this statement . If you or the HMCPL Board Have any questions you may write me a Email at or call 256-859-1708


Michael G. Werner

Volunteer/ADA Helper

Summer Reading Program

To me Amateur radio is not all about just using a radio and talking on it . To me it's all about Public service and giving back .

Special Needs Liaison Statement

Special Needs Liaison Statement
Alabama Amateur Radio Emergency Service
Date: June 10 ,2010
Dear Laurel best and the board of the Hmcpl , My website along with many othere's used under the .tk domain are being blocked from all users at the library that would like to view my website . I'm able to edit the site from there using the hosting which is . Currently the Ito Group at the Library as been trying to fix that problem . But when you have a website that was working last year on your system and now is blocked because of the .tk domain Which for me is the only one i can use as i don't have a credit card and i'm unable to buy it with out help . That is why i stick with the free service. I give credit to the It departement for all there heard work and time trying to come up with a fix. But like the It office told me if there blocking your sites . then it's most likey all domain under .tk are being blocked . I'm asking for your help and support to stop the blocking of donain's such as .tk domain's . I should also state that my website was a .net at one time but when the person offering me the service passed on I had to moved back over to the .tk domain . I hope to have your help and support
Michael G. Werner
Volunteer/ADA Helper
Ps. the othere sites under the hosting are and

Special Needs Liaison Statement

Special Needs Liaison Statement

AlabamaAmateur Radio Emergency Service

Date: October 18 ,2010

Memo to Laurel Best And the Hmcpl Board .

Dear Laurel , A new Question in fact an on going question is What time will the Huntsville  Shuttle Bus Leave the stopping location near the hmcpl? Luckily for me I know this but there are some out there that do not . I was hopeing that there would be some way in getting the shuttile Bus map With a clock and place it in the Break room? or in the main area as you walk in? As there in something like this at the Parkway place mall here in Huntsville . Please let me know your comments .


Michael G. Werner

Volunteer/ ADA

My Davis Weather Station

I Love My Davis weather station so much so in fact that when i go to the Dayton Hamfest each year , I always stop bye and give them My still to this day a 5 star rating , This weather station is a most have .

CellPhone Review The Gravity and T-Mobile Tap

The Samsung Gravity 2. is the best phone yet with all it has to offer .
1.A very easy to use Phone .
2. Easy to set-up
3.The E-mail works very well
4. The web broswer works with the phone too,
5. Love the keyboard

Not very Many yet

This Phone is worth the Money.
The The T-mobile Tap is a all around cool Phone . But i still has it's bugs
1. The software is very slow and lock up and crashes
2. the web browser the tap was no good at all with a blue screen like picture every time you would go on a website
3. The speaker phone is unusable
4. In would not work with the phone


The Only pro the tap had was the long battery life.

I would not buy this phone because after having to send it back 4 times to the T-mobile service I was not happy

A look at Ie9

Today a install ie9/RC . This program work very well with all websites . The speed is also very good the only problem i found is that some websites have to be in the compatibilty view in order to work just like when Ie8 was in the Release Candidate. Do i think you should use this update since it's out of the test mode ? yes and no
yes because of the speed
yes you can make this update work just just like ie8
the only con is if you use a online website you need to make shure they will support ie9 soon .All in all this in a must have broswer .

New weather radar software

Yesterday I got a Now weather radar program to replace the othere one that one not work . It's called Storm Predator . Here is a picture of the huntsville al. radar with the software

I hope to Learn all the stuff on the software before the next weather event .

On the Qso radio show

This Last Saturday Myself and many other hams where part of the qso radio show . see the picture here . Thank you so very much Ted for your time and Support of the special needs in this city we call Huntsville . for the people that would like to here the rebroadcast / interview click here . Note our interview is after the qrz interview ,

A look at the Icom ic80AD

Hello Greeting everyone , I hope your holiday was nice . Well I got the a new radio fo my Christmas gift and I would like to share some of the good and the bad About the New Icom ic80AD d-star Ht . This radio is very heard to use and the manuel will not help the first time users of this Ht . My tip is fine a friend from a radio club to help you program it that has the same one . Or download the free programing software and buy the cable for easy programing .This would save you alot of time . The GPS Mic is very cool And work very well to but the set up for that is very timely . But wonce you get all the d-star chanels on the radio you will not wont to leave this rig . in fact some comment from hams where that they sold there Hf rigs because of the worldwide rage of the D-star repeater's . I've used this radio now for 3 time since it's been program and I have to say for the $400 dollar's plus price tag this is worth it again here are the Pro's and con's

Very light wight
long lasting battary
The D-star repeaters work very well with this radio and can't forget the local ones as well.
nice sounding audio

Very heard users menual
Need to have the programing cable or software in order to program this radio because of the Menu layout .
All in all this is a good radio .

Website update

Hello Everyone , For those of you that have not been to the website this past week check it out today as I've added a new yahoo group for the club along with updated links an there will be more to come .

Weathering The Storm 2011

Friday, June 17 @ 12:00pm-2:00pm
Weathering the Storm: Emergency Preparedness for Families
Huntsville Public Library
915 Monroe Street

As our community recovers from the recent tornado disaster, learn about what you can do in the future to prepare your family and children for similar emergencies.  And if you have kids, you know that sometimes even the simplest task can become difficult!  So how can you keep your family safe in the stressful situation like a tornado?  Michael Werner of the Alabama Amateur Radio Emergency Service and other emergency personnel will give a presentation on how to be prepared for disaster, especially when you have young children.  After the 1 hour presentation, there will be an open forum where participants can speak one on one with emergency personnel to get answers and advice on emergency preparedness.